Physicians and their Specialty

Published: 04th May 2011
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Physicians are medical doctors who practices the profession of medicine. They are specialists in diagnosis, treatment of disease or injury and other physical and mental disabilities. Physicians practice different specialties. Physicians can be differentiated by their specialties. Generally physicians are divided into two groups specialist medical practitioners and general practitioners. Physicians are categorized by different factors. They are different types of physicians. Below are few specialists:

Allopathic Physicians: Allopathic physicians are Doctors of Osteopathy who are specialists in muscular skeletal system. They treat the patients with body alignment, which includes bone structure and problems that occur there. These physicians prescribe treatments such as physical therapy and muscle and bone strengthening.

Chiropractic Physicians: Chiropractic Physicians are medical doctors who are specialists in diagnosing and treating disorders of feet, ankle, lower leg and related structures of leg. These physicians treat various issues from corns to nerves.

Dermatology Physicians: Dermatology Physicians are medical doctors who are specialist in treating skin disease. They undertake treatment to remove skin cancers and does biopsies. They also treat diseases of nails and hair.

Obstetric Physicians: Obstetric physicians are specialists who specialize in the care of pregnant women and child birth, and play a key role in the delivery room. They perform many tests. These physicians also diagnose and treat conditions of female reproductive system.

Optometry Physicians: Optometry Physicians are doctors who are specialists in diagnosing and treatment of eye diseases, disorders of eye and related system conditions. They prescribe eye infections, glaucoma and eye inflammations. These physicians fit and dispense glasses and contact lenses.

Pediatricians: Pediatricians are specialists who specialize in treating children from birth to age 18. They manage the physical, mental and emotional well being of their patients. These physicians are family focused because according to the patients needs the entire family should be a part of the treatment.

Podiatry Physicians: Podiatry Physicians are doctors who are specialist in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders, injuries and diseases. They prescribe physical therapy regimens, administer and perform surgery if it is necessary,

Primary Care Physicians: Primary Care Physicians are medical doctors who provide treatment for the first contact person with an undiagnosed health concerns as well as continuing care of varied medical conditions. They usually treat low level illnesses, injuries, diseases and conditions. These physicians order to take some tests and they send the patients to specialists for care of specific ailments.

Medical Specialists: Medical Specialists are doctors who have completed advanced education and clinical training in specific area of medicine. There are many physicians who treat parts of the body such as skin, ear, nose, throat, female reproductive, system, foot, ankle, leg, immune system, bone system, kidneys and more. Primary Care Physicians send the patients to medical specialists for specific ailments.

Surgical Physicians: Surgical Physicians are doctors who are specialist in the treatment of disease, injury and deformity through operations. Surgeons perform surgery and they specialize in specific area. Surgery uses operative manual and instrumental techniques on a patient to investigate and treat diseases, injury and conditions.

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